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Rory Hope and his executive team have come a long way from their days as managers at Hungry Jack’s. Mr Hope, alongside his wife Louise (functions and catering coordinator) and Shane Smith (operations manager), today run two Surrey Downs-based businesses: Rory’s School Lunches and Rory’s Catering.

Between them they employ about 80 South Australians – a great achievement for a business that started just 14 years ago. Mr Hope says they couldn’t have grown their business without the help of Polaris Business and Innovation Centre. Mr Hope has tapped into Polaris’s business advisory resources for the past seven years, but wishes he had done so earlier.

I tell everyone who is starting up to get into Polaris. Find yourself a coach or a mentor as there’s so much you don’t know when you get started. We’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way and they can be very expensive. Polaris can help you to avoid these,” said Mr Hope.

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