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RAAF Drones

Australia confirmed it would order 'killer drones' for RAAF

The Federal Government today confirmed that it would purchase 12 to 16 General Atomics Mq-9 Reaper unmanned aircraft providing the air force with its first ‘killer drones’ to strike at enemies remotely.

The armed, remotely piloted aircraft, costing between $1 billion to $2 billion, will be based at the Edinburgh Defence Base and are expected to enter service in the 2020s.

They will be used to watch and defend Australian and coalition land forces, as well as provide reconnaissance for search and rescue, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief missions. Crucially, they will be interoperable with allies, most notably US forces.

The Reaper aircraft will join the $7 billion Triton surveillance aircraft being housed at Edinburgh Parks that the government announced earlier this year.

Please see the full article on the Financial Review website.

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