Competitive Advantage

Salisbury Advantages

A local government strongly committed to business industry and development, the City of Salisbury is committed to a highly efficient development planning process. Salisbury is also recognised internationally for its innovative water conservation measures and solutions and has one of the lowest council rates in Adelaide for Industrial and Commercial property.

Rent & land supply

Edinburgh Parks is one of Australia’s largest advanced industrial precincts and has more than 300 hectares of fully developed land available. It is the home for a range of industry sectors including Food, Logistics, Manufacturing, Resource Services and Defence. Technology Park is the hub for knowledge intensive firms in northern Adelaide. Both Technology Park and Edinburgh Parks offer fully developed commercial and industrial sites complete with access to economical recycled water and all essential services. Other significant and well serviced commercial sites are at Direk, Pooraka, Cavan, and Salisbury South and North. To find out more about the latest planning and development in Salisbury, please visit our Precincts and Projects page.

Efficient, fast-tracked development & planning approvals

The City of Salisbury’s can do approach to supporting business investment includes quick development application approval so you can get on with business. The City has a long standing reputation for its quick and efficient planning process. Commercial property extensions are generally approved within 14 days, commercial buildings within 21 days, and major projects within three months. Our strength in planning is demonstrated by the number of Awards the council has won in recent years. The City of Salisbury provides businesses a significant saving in the time and money so you can get down to business. We are here to help you turn your plans into reality. For a full list of planning and development services fact sheets, please visit the Salisbury Council website

Competitive council rates in Adelaide

With one of the most competitive council rates in Adelaide for Industrial and Commercial property the City of Salisbury provides a significant ongoing saving when compared to many other councils. Visit our Resources and Support page to download the council rate comparison for Industrial and Commercial Property.

Salisbury water conservation & sustainability

The City of Salisbury is recognised internationally for its innovative water conservation measures and solutions. A progressive approach to sustainability; Council is internationally acclaimed for its pioneering approach to water and biodiversity management and through its extensive wetland network, making it the logical choice for organisations with an environmentally sustainable approach to doing business. With 30 per cent of Salisbury’s water needs being met through recycled water, local businesses can also achieve significant cost savings.

Need Water: Treated Stormwater at much cheaper rates

Opportunities exist to use Aquifer Storage and Recovery to transform traditional water management and distribution policies and to provide cost-effective and innovative alternatives to current methods of water supply for irrigation and industry. Companies with high water dependency for their operations can access treated stormwater at much cheaper rates than mains water, thereby helping their viability and capacity to employ local people.

Want to know more about Salisbury Council advantages?

For more information about council rates, commercial and industrial land supply or Salisbury water practices and management, please email us or call the City of Salisbury on (08) 8260 8205.