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Food & Beverage Processing

South Australia is home to a vibrant food industry, producing a wide variety of high quality fruits, vegetables, grains, meats and seafood. Salisbury is the location of choice for a significant and growing proportion of food industry businesses because of the many advantages it offers.

The City of Salisbury is the home to the SA Produce Market, South Australia’s primary commercial wholesale market, trading over 250,000 tonnes of fresh produce each year at an estimated value of $750 million. This fresh food mecca is complemented locally by Coles’ Regional Distribution Centre and the nearby Woolworths distribution facility, with household names such as Inghams, Bickfords, Bega Dairy & Drinks (Farmers Union Iced Coffee), Obela, Adelaide Malting Co., Holco, Mitani Products and Sunfresh Salads also choosing the City of Salisbury to base their operations.

The City of Salisbury is also home to the Northern Adelaide Food Park, a State Government initiative to establish the State’s premium food processing and manufacturing precinct in Edinburgh Parks. The Northern Adelaide Food Park aims to grow the food industry in South Australia and maximise the advantages of South Australia's reputation for premium food and wine.

It will create opportunities for businesses to co-locate and will enable both new and existing food and beverage processors, manufacturers, food packaging specialists, cold-chain suppliers and logistic and transport companies to expand and grow.

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