Competitive Advantage

Diverse & Highly Skilled Workforce

The City of Salisbury has a diverse, productive and highly skilled workforce living in the city. Over 144,000 people from all over the world call the City of Salisbury home today. It is a diverse and welcoming community. New migrants and young families have been attracted to the area’s affordable housing and strong community networks. The city provides a great place to live, work and play due to:

  • Labour costs are highly competitive, with wages generally below the national average for employees of comparable skill (compensated for by generally lower living costs), especially when compated with the eastern states.
  • More productive as the number of days lost is consistently well below the national average.
  • The City of Salisbury’s population is projected to grow to 169,000 to 2040, with 79,000 additional jobs being created.
  • Whether your business is a manual processing business or a knowledge intensive business, the City of Salisbury prides itself on its well-educated and highly skilled workforce due to the comprehensive education system in our City.

In addition, our partnerships with University of South Australia and other education centres can also assist with the establishment of collaborative partnerships between businesses and education facilities.

Want to know more about Salisbury's workforce?

For more information on the competitiveness of Salisbury’s labour costs and it availability of a skilled workforce, please email us or call the City of Salisbury on (08) 8260 8205.