Salisbury Industry Sectors

The City of Salisbury is South Australia’s major industrial and economic base. This is primarily due to the development and growth of major industry sectors and business clustered in the food processing, defence, logistics, manufacturing and knowledge intensive services sectors.

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Industry Sectors

To find out more about Salisbury's major industry sectors, please select an industry profile below.

Defence Industry

Defence technology is now one of the South Australia’s most valuable industries. Defence businesses have consolidated much of their research, development, engineering and manufacturing operation in Salisbury
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Food & Beverage Processing

South Australia's home to a vibrant food industry, producing a variety of high quality fruits, vegetables, grains, meats and seafood. Salisbury is the location of choice for a growing group of food industry businesses.
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Health & Community Services

The City of Salisbury is the place to locate whether you are providing aged care or child care, employment services or disability services, migrant support or any other community service.
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Knowledge Intensive Services

In the City of Salisbury knowledge intensive services are at the heart of transforming the existing economic base and creating new opportunities through innovation.
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Logistical Advantages

Positioned at the centre of Adelaide’s major transport networks, the City of Salisbury offers close proximity to the Port of Adelaide and Adelaide Airport. The Adelaide-Darwin rail link passes through the city.
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Northern Adelaide has a long-term strength in manufacturing and represents the largest industry in the City of Salisbury. Manufacturers are responding to local and global events and moving into resources and cleantech.
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Mining, Oil & Gas

South Australia attracts international attention due to the range and quality of resources beneath the States surface. This rapid increase of minerals and energy sector has driven the growth in the City of Salisbury.
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Space Industry

South Australia already has an active civil and defence space community of industry, universities, research centres, and government, and holds an important position in the Australian aerospace industry.
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Water-based Industries

The City of Salisbury is leading the way in storm water harvesting, ground water management and Storage to provide a sustainable low cost water supply to industries.
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