Corporate Presence

SA Produce Market (Food & Beverage Processing)

Celebrating their 25th year in Salisbury, the SA Produce Markets is South Australia’s centre for the distribution and marketing of fresh fruit and vegetables. The Market has the benefit of being located on one of the main pathways through to major highways in the north such as Port Wakefield Road.

Our proximity to the fruit and vegetable retailers and the northern growing area of Virginia makes us well placed to do business. The Market is in close proximity to the Woolworths and Coles distribution centres located in the northern region. Every day, 60 wholesalers, 60 growers and 300 retailers descend on SA Produce Markets, with an estimated 185,000 tonnes of fresh produce passing through the Market each year, within an estimated wholesale value of $600 million.

The business is surrounded by sophisticated logistical and support services, including cold storage facilities and convenient access routes to local and interstate markets.

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